IIT Partner: Thank You Life

We understand that the cost both of treatment and education can be barriers to access, due to oppressive systems existing in our world today. We are actively working on creating approaches that can support all communities.

Our commitment to expanding access to psychedelic therapy fueled our partnership with Thank You Life, a non-profit dedicated to financial accessibility for those in need of psychedelic-assisted therapies, which allows us to help address the issue of access from two important angles.

Firstly, Thank You Life helps people from all walks of life to afford therapy that might otherwise be out of their reach. In addition to individual access to therapy, Thank You Life is expanding the psychedelic therapy provider pool as a whole by helping to train future generations of providers in psychedelic medicine and therapy, or other professionals who are hoping to train in this modality to spread healing with others.

Patients and potential trainees can reach out to [email protected] to request information on scholarships. Applications will be available in late 2023.

If you find yourself able to donate to the education fund or wish to pay forward the gift of healing to others, we would welcome your generosity with deep appreciation.

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