COVID-19 Statement

IIT is dedicated to protecting our patients and reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

IIT continues to see patients in-person. The pandemic has worsened the physical and mental health crises in the US, and we believe our offerings are essential to mitigating these crises and supporting those seeking help. We are using the following three approaches to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 in our facility.

Environmental Interventions

Improved HVAC filtration with MERV 14 filters. These filters are approximately 90% effective at removing circulating germs in the building.

HEPA filter in the treatment room with 99.97% efficiency in removing particles as small as 0.3 microns.

UVC light as an additional method of sanitation. Ultraviolet light has been used to kill pathogens in healthcare settings for decades. The light will be used to disinfect surfaces and air before each session.

We will follow the CDC cleaning and disinfection recommendations to further reduce the risk of surface transmission.

Ventilation rates have been optimized to ensure there is no stagnant air. Dilution of live virus in the air reduces the risk of breathing in a high enough viral load that could lead to infection.


Visitors will be asked a symptom questionnaire and undergo a temperature check upon arrival

All patients will be asked to have a coronavirus test (PCR) 2 days prior to session, and to self-quarantine the remaining two days if possible.

Personal Protection

Personnel will abide by MN State law requiring face coverings while inside our building. During sessions, therapists and the physician will wear face masks and face shields.

Personnel will be required to sanitize after every encounter and immediately after physical contact.

During the session, therapists will remain at a safe distance unless directly attending to patients.