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What Is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

In short, it’s a journey. Your therapist prepares you for and guides you through your unique psychedelic experience. Follow-up sessions offer support and guidance as you integrate new information to create lasting changes.

Ketamine creates an avenue to access the core self so you can realign with what truly matters to you.

  • Untether

    Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is a pathway to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness, allowing one to experience a disruption from unhelpful thoughts and patterns of being. By loosening the grip of the ego and the habitual mind, ketamine can help us untether from our limiting beliefs and narratives.

  • Explore

    This disruption in engrained ways of thinking and behavior creates space for exploration from a more accepting place. With the guidance of a trained therapist, we can safely explore our inner world and discover new perspectives and insights. We can also access emotions and memories that may be difficult to reach in ordinary states.

  • Reconnect

    This curiosity allows us to make positive changes that may otherwise feel overwhelming or out of reach. By reconnecting with our authentic self and our deeper values, we can find more meaning and purpose in our lives. We can also heal our relationships with ourselves and others, and cultivate a sense of belonging and compassion.

Ketamine Infusions

To best support your journey towards wellbeing we offer ketamine infusions to better serve you and our patients. Ketamine infusions offer the greatest level of flexibility and the best results in ketamine treatment. By extending the duration of treatment, infusions allow for a more profound experience and sustained relief from symptoms.

Ketamine infusions can even be used in combination with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy to aid in integrating your experience into your life.

  • Rapid Results

    Rapid onset of effects with reliable and consistent results

  • Better Patient Experience

    Infusions provide a smoother experience with fewer side effects

Manoj Doss, DO
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ranji Varghese, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Our leaders include the most recognized, psychedelic-informed expert providers in Minnesota.

We strive to bring healing to our communities in multiple forms, create and share knowledge, and contribute to the study of psychedelics, while honoring the history and sacredness of these medicines.

  • Healing

    An intentional and welcoming space for those seeking wholeness, connecting people to the healing power of psychedelic and integrative therapies

  • Training

    Educating the next generation of psychedelic-assisted therapy providers with our passion for the field, to ensure the work we're doing today can flourish with integrity tomorrow.

  • Research

    Our contributions to the body of knowledge in the field of psychedelic medicine help to grow and share the consciousness-expanding potential of these medicines with the broader community.

Other Health Services at IIT

To support your holistic wellbeing and help you integrate your psychedelic experiences, enhance your mental and physical health, and foster your creativity and self-expression.

  • Integrative Medicine

    Most people can benefit from integrative medicine, regardless of whether you have struggled with serious health concerns or not, or if you simply want to do everything possible to avoid health concerns in the future. Anyone who wants to get the most out of life is a good candidate.

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  • Wellness Coaching

    Coaching can help you discover your own strengths, values, and goals, and support you in achieving them. Coaching can also help you cope with stress and improve your well-being. Whether you have a specific health issue or just want to improve your overall quality of life, coaching can offer you a personalized and empowering approach.

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“IIT’s professionalism and deep knowledge of the body and mind made it easy for IIT to walk me through the process and make me feel comfortable and safe.”

“I found symptom relief right away following the first medicine session, and after further treatments I no longer see myself as a trauma patient; the symptoms (invasive thoughts, nightmares, anxiety, hopelessness, irritability) have dissipated and in their place is a deep gratitude for all the miraculous wonder of nature, including the power of love.”

“IIT is on the threshold of something beautiful.”

“Without IIT’s experience and understanding, I don’t believe I would have been able to move forward on a direct path toward my own healing.”

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