IIT provides safe and effective psychedelic therapy in Minnesota for people looking to heal their minds and explore their purpose.



Legal, mind expanding medicines administered under the supervision of medical professionals and skilled, compassionate therapists to help clarify goals and integrate the experience.

Currently, Ketamine is the only psychedelic legally available for therapeutic use. When administered by a physician and paired with therapy, Ketamine is a safe tool for those struggling with:


Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Suicidal Thoughts


Unwanted Habits
Loss of purpose
Fear of Death
Difficulty coping with life events


What is Ketamine? 
How does Ketamine feel? 
Is Ketamine safe? 
Our Process

First, you'll meet with the therapist and physician for an assessment of mental and physical health to ensure Ketamine Therapy is a safe and effective option. You will talk through your current struggles and identify what you'd like to work on and get a chance to talk through any questions you may have.

In the next session(s), you and the therapist talk through your intention for treatment. The therapist will help to ensure that you’re feeling safe, comfortable, and equipped for the Ketamine session. You will get a chance to get to know your therapist and communicate how you would like to be best supported and together will customize the treatment in the way that feels best for you.

The medical doctor will administer the ketamine and your therapist will guide and support you throughout the entire experience. The session takes place in a comfortable room, with specially designed music that helps to carry you along your journey. With music and eyeshades, you'll experience the unfolding of the psychedelic experience.

The following day, you and your therapist will process your experience and explore how you can deepen your connection to the lessons and insights it provided. We use creative, personalized strategies for helping you to make the most of your experience. If desired, we will refer you for ongoing sessions with a therapist who best matches your unique needs.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
- Carl Jung


We integrate science, medicine, art & purpose-driven therapy to help you get the most out of your experience. Following psychedelic therapy treatment, we offer various creative approaches ranging from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, EMDR, Existential, Psychodynamic and Jungian psychotherapy. Creativity and collaboration are an essential part of every treatment process.
IIT’s therapists and physician are with you every step of the way:


We will support you in developing the tools, attitudes, and concepts that help maximize the ease and comfort of your psychedelic therapy experience.


We will ensure your psychological and physical safety, respond to individual needs, and help process emotions that manifest during your psychedelic therapy experience.


We will work with you to integrate the experience, helping you to make sense of it. Integration is key to retaining the lessons, insights and strategies it provides.