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We are now in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, UCare, and HealthPartners. We are constantly working on adding more in-network providers to our list, so please contact us if yours isn’t listed. Additionally, a number of our therapists are already in-network with various insurance providers. To find out if your coverage applies to our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Currently, we also provide out-of-network services to our patients. As we work to become in-network with more of the major insurers in Minnesota, we will assist you with obtaining out-of-network reimbursements. Most insurance companies will provide you with out-of-network benefits for medical evaluations and mental health assessments and therapy. Your insurance may reimburse you for part of the costs after you submit a superbill of the services rendered. Currently, the ketamine medicine session is not covered by insurance in Minnesota.

For those who cannot pay out of pocket immediately, we’ve partnered with Care Credit to offer you flexible financing options that suit your budget and needs.


The CareCredit health, wellness, and personal care credit card gives you a convenient, flexible way to pay for care for your entire treatment plan! With everyday promotional financing for purchases of $200 or more, you can pay over time with convenient monthly payments. *

See if you prequalify with no impact to your credit score

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See for details.

Current Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Fees

A typical fully-integrated course of treatment looks similar to this:

Mental Health/Diagnostic Assessment (1 hour with therapist): $175*
Medical Intake (1 hour with physician): $250*
Preparation Psychotherapy Session (55 minutes): $150*
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), w/ Insurance (2 hours): $500
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) (2 hours): $850
Integration Psychotherapy Session (55 minutes): $150*

Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) $500 each (minimum of 2 participants)


5 Session Psychotherapy Bundles are available that can be used for either preparation or integration: $700 for 5 – 55 min sessions ($140 per 55 min session)

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy bundles are available for 2 and 3 sessions:

2 KAP Bundle: $1650 ($825 per KAP)

3 KAP Bundle: $2400 ($800 per KAP) 

Insurance Reimbursement

Some of the costs of KAP may be covered by your insurance.

Currently, insurance is covering physician and office time. Out-of-pocket costs will cover therapist time and medical supplies for KAP sessions.

To determine if your insurance plan covers some of your KAP treatment, please contact your member services number and ask for details about your plan, and whether or not it covers the following “CPT” codes with us as an out-of-network provider:

99204 or 99205 (medical intake)
99213, 99214, or 99215 (medical evaluation/management)
90791 (diagnostic/psychological assessment)
90837 (psychotherapy)

Ketamine Infusions Pricing

Ketamine Infusion for Mental Health (1 hour): $499
Ketamine Infusion for Mental Health, w/ Insurance (1 hour): $250
Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Pain (2 hours): $850
Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Pain, w/ Insurance (1 hour): $500

Some insurance companies reimburse all or part of that cost. Please check with your insurance provider if this pertains to your medical plan.


Recommended 6 sessions w/ monthly boosters: $450*

Wellness Infusions

NAD+ Infusion (250mg): $250
NAD+ Infusion (450mg): $450
Myers Mix: $225
Immunity Boost: $225
Revitalize: $225

Wellness infusions can be added to ketamine infusions for a reduced price.
Wellness infusion added to ketamine infusion: $150 extra

Integrative Medicine Pricing

Initial evaluation-60 minutes: $500
Follow up visit: $250 per 30 minutes

Wellness Coaching Pricing

  • Free 20-min consult to discuss coaching, goals, and make sure the client is a good fit (versus maybe needing therapy).
  • 3-session package: $210 ($70 per session)
  • 6-session package: $390 ($65 per session)
  • 9-session package: $540 ($60 per session)
  • 5-session “Whole Body Mental Health” package: $350 ($70 per session). Comes with a workbook and sessions are structured around specific aspects of health.