Wellness Coaching

Coaching provides a space to explore wellness topics and move towards a more balanced life with the assistance of a holistically trained, board-certified coach.

Coaches support and guide the discovery of a client’s inner wisdom and healing which can help a client make discoveries and changes that are sustainable in the long term. Coaching delves into the “why” and “how” of behavior change, working to create action and forward movement with intentions and goals. By cultivating mindfulness skills, connecting to a larger health vision, and supporting deep inner work, coaching fosters the growth of more intrinsically motivated, balanced, self-advocating, and self-sustaining members of the community. 

Having a coach provides you with a safe space to process and explore what you want to focus on, with the added bonus of accountability, motivation, resources, and curious questions. Tools such as positive psychology, emotional intelligence, creative activities, mindfulness, deep listening, and creating a safe space all seek to cultivate and support the growth that the client feels ready for and wants to nurture. 

Coaching is not based on educating or directing you to do what is “best” for you. Rather, you and your coach will dive deep into your own health journey and help you find your own inner wisdom which will ultimately lead you to personally tailored insights and change. Around 6-9 sessions (scheduled anywhere from weekly to monthly depending on preference) is recommended for most clients as it gives time for coach and client to get to know each other, work on different approaches, navigate barriers and challenges, see forward movement, and settle into new routines and habits. 

Wellness coaching can support:

  • Mental health, especially in tandem with therapy
  • Prenatal and postpartum routines and wellbeing
  • Navigating transitions such as a new health diagnosis, divorce, empty nesting, change of career or new job
  • Managing chronic illness
  • Developing self-care routines and new habits
  • Stress reduction
  • Mindfulness and spiritual development
  • Creativity and visioning
  • Creating sustainable action steps to support forward movement

How Wellness Coaching Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Wellness coaching is a client-centered, collaborative intervention that helps you make long-term lifestyle changes that support your overall well-being. Wellness coaches are trained professionals who guide you through the process of identifying your strengths, values, and vision for your health and happiness.

Who Can Benefit From Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, manage stress, quit smoking, increase your energy, or find more balance in your life, wellness coaching can help you create a personalized plan that works for you.

Some of the benefits of wellness coaching include:

  • Increased motivation and accountability
  • Enhanced self-awareness and confidence
  • Improved coping skills and resilience
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases and health problems
  • Greater satisfaction and fulfillment

What Services Are Provided in Wellness Coaching at IIT?

At IIT, we offer wellness coaching services that are tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose from:

  • Individual coaching sessions: You can work one-on-one with a certified wellness coach who will help you set realistic goals, overcome barriers, and track your progress. You can meet with your coach online or in-person at our campus.
  • Group coaching sessions: You can join a small group of like-minded people who share similar health challenges and goals. You can learn from each other’s experiences, support each other, and have fun along the way. You can participate in group coaching sessions online or in-person at our campus.
  • Online courses and resources: You can access a variety of online courses and resources that cover topics such as nutrition, fitness, stress management, mindfulness, and more. You can learn at your own pace and convenience, and apply what you learn to your daily life.