IIT Partners with iollo to help you on your journey toward better metabolic health

We have partnered with the metabolomic testing company iollo to bring our patients an innovative test that establishes your biological age, not chronological age. Get a discounted comprehensive testing kit through IIT to help you make changes that matter. We'll work with you to develop a plan that targets 15+ health areas including metabolic, heart, and mental health.

Innovative testing with actionable results

Cutting Edge: Developed by Stanford scientists using computational biology to help you better understand how your body works. 

At-home Testing: Never leave the comfort of your home with a nearly painless, simple-to-use device. No refrigeration or freezing is required. 

Hundreds of Metabolic Markers: With only one test, track over 500+ biomarkers, including cortisol, gut microbiome, hormones, and more. 

Personalized plan & AI Recommendations: Easy-to-understand results that give you personalized recommendations, so you can learn how to improve your health. Ask questions using a specially designed AI chat feature for instant guidance on food choices and recipes. 

Coordinated Care: Work with IIT to understand how your metabolic test results fit your overall health, well-being, and longevity. Develop a strategy with us for a happier, longer life. Plus a special discount on iollo testing when you work with us!

Embark on your metabolic health journey

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IIT Partner: iollo

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