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Emily Schmidt


Emily is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with eight years experience working with diverse individuals and groups. While primarily working with adults, she specializes in embodied healing work. She aims to provide a space of safety, guidance, and support for anyone who is seeking to experience connection in life. As an interracial adoptee and body of culture, she recognizes the extreme harm that systemic structual, and institutional racism has on communities and bodies of color/culture. She believes strongly in communal healing, anti-racism practice, and social justice. 

Emily’s clinical expertise includes treating the effects of trauma, healing from substance abuse, identifying intersecting identities, and building a connection between an individual and their body. She has a strong passion for somatic practices that help build trust between body and mind. Emily offers Brainspotting; a somatic therapy using focused eye positions to locate emotional distress in the body and allowing for contained processing.

Emily truly loves the work that she does and feels honored to be a part of someone’s journey. She is so grateful to be able to serve her community and witness transformation and healing daily. She strives to meet an individual where they are at in this thing called life! She enjoys bringing some humor to the table along the way.

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