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Andrew Braum


At times, dealing with emotional and relational challenges and other life stressors can feel frustrating and overwhelming. Andrew will listen to you carefully and work with you to identify those issues clearly, then develop healthier approaches and coping skills to improve your sense of integration and wholeness. Andrew is committed to collaborating with you to create a life with a greater sense of authenticity and fulfillment. Trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, alcohol and chemical use, relationships, anger, and life transitions are all challenges with which Andrew is able to help you.

Andrew has experience working with men, women, and adolescents from a person-centered, compassionate, psycho-dynamic perspective. Licensed in both mental and chemical health, Andrew utilizes evidenced-based approaches including mindfulness practices and cognitive behavioral therapies. Andrew has advanced training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy which is highly effective in relieving the painful somatic memory of traumatic experiences. In addition, Andrew is a psychedelic assisted therapist in training at the Institute for Integrative Therapies.

In addition to clinical experience, Andrew brings years of life experience to his practice including teaching, performing arts, communication, and business. Andrew lived and worked overseas and on the East Coast before returning home to the Twin Cities 20 years ago.

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