Learn to use ketamine as a powerful tool for healing

Online Training

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Therapists

This foundational course equips therapists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to ethically and safely integrate ketamine assisted psychotherapy into their practices and unlock new levels of healing for their clients through this novel therapeutic approach to address experiences leading to trauma, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

By completing this training, you will not only gain the competence and confidence to provide KAP to your clients, but also deepen your own personal and professional growth. You will also be ready to apply your knowledge and skills to other psychedelic medicines, such as MDMA and psilocybin, once they become legally available.

November 2-5, 2023
9am to 5pm US Central Time
26 hours of live training content for licensed mental health professionals

Don’t miss this chance to join the cutting-edge of psychedelic therapy and help your clients achieve lasting change and well-being.

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In this training, you will learn the principles and procedures of KAP from experienced and knowledgeable faculty who have trained in various ketamine protocols. You will acquire the skills necessary to administer ketamine in combination with psychotherapy in a clinical setting, using diverse dosing strategies and modalities. You will also learn how to prepare and integrate clients for KAP sessions, guide them through non-ordinary states of consciousness, use music and playlist creation as therapeutic tools, and address ethical and diversity issues in psychedelic medicine.

  • 26 hours of live training over 4 days with Minnesota-based leaders in the psychedelic assisted therapy field, including lecture, research and case review, interactive activities
  • Certificate of completion
  • One post-training online consultation group
  • Option to complete an in-person ketamine experiential
  • Option to engage in a guided externship to gain hands-on experience and work at Institute for Integrative Therapies (must be Minnesota-based)
  • Training manual, Powerpoints, and IIT’s practice manual to implement KAP into your practice
  • Form templates, marketing materials for your practice; informational handouts for patients
  • One post-training online consultation group
  • Online forum for graduates of the program for continued support and community

* 26 hours of continuing education credit for licensed professionals available with additional fee.

Curriculum Schedule

Day 1

  • Community Building
  • Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy
  • Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
  • Ketamine Pharmacodynamics
  • Types of KAP Therapy

Day 2

  • Trauma Neurobiology
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • KAP Therapist Qualities/ Skills
  • Ethics/Social Justice in Psychedelics
  • Cultural Implications

Day 3

  • The KAP Process
  • Preparation, Medicine, Integration
  • Physical Touch
  • KAP Sitting Skills

Day 4

  • Music and Psychedelic Therapy
  • Legal, Clinical, and Practical Guidance
  • for your Practice
  • Psychedelics and Sacredness