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Kayla Felten


Kayla Felten, MSW, LICSW (she/her) has been an advocate for religious trauma and spiritual abuse survivors throughout her career, which has brought her to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy work as an additional focus to support those in the process of reclaiming inner peace, relational harmony, autonomy, pleasure, and identity. Kayla was initially invited to facilitate support groups for survivors of spiritual abuse due to abuses of power taking place in plant medicine and yogi contexts. This work allows her to bring her focus full-circle in taking inventory of the spiritual power dynamics in the therapeutic relationship, particularly when inviting medicine into that relationship.

As a clinical social worker, I provide trauma-informed care as well as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to adults seeking support as they navigate their own unique path to inner peace and relational harmony. With over 2 years experience facilitating support groups and retreats for folks who have experienced religious trauma and/or spiritual abuse through the Reclamation Collective, my approach to the therapeutic relationship is to focus on how individuals can reclaim their identity, pleasure, and autonomy following trauma.

My areas of professional interest include religious trauma, spiritual abuse, sexual trauma, LGBTQ+ identity development and growth, and Spiritual Identity Development. I value sex positivity and use harm reduction and minority stress-informed perspectives to guide my practice.