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Susan L Herrmann


Life is precious and short. Susan will help you diminish the gap between who you truly are, and how you are living your life, bringing you into greater alignment with life purpose. Susan’s approach is holistic and direct. The questions she asks facilitate deep reflection and foster transformative experiences for those she serves. Susan has been practicing her craft for nearly 3-decades. In addition to private practice, she directs a global service learning, study abroad program in Vietnam and the non-governmental organization which funds university students service projects-most of which are focused on assisting those who are afflicted with Agent Orange (dioxin-related) maladies.

Susan is an enthusiastic, authentic, and skillful therapist who is eager to assist you on your journey to optimal well-being. She is particularly gifted in couples work, those struggling with trauma and grief, and individuals grappling with existential questions. Susan will help you address relationship concerns so that you can enjoy life with greater vibrance and joy.

Susan is deeply committed to social justice, teaching, and healing multigenerational collective trauma. Former clients and students explicitly articulate the ways in which their work with her has helped them grow and heal. If you choose to engage with her, you will begin a journey to sustained healing and leave with an immediate sense of hope. Susan is known as the “therapist’s therapist”, and works well with professionals, executives, and educators. She has spent the first half of her life becoming a “somebody” who is now entering the second half of life, ready to become a “nobody” – a person who shares wisdom, knowledge, and inspires those with whom she connects.

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