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Janelle Carle


Janelle Carle is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Brainspotting Consultant and Brainspotting Practitioner. In her clinical practice, Janelle offers preparation and integration sessions for Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (known as KAP) or referred to as psychedelic assisted therapy. She will support you with a variety of modalities including somatic psychotherapy, Brainspotting therapy, Internal Family Systems (often called Parts Work), and Narrative therapy which allows you to create a story that aligns with your self-growth values and beliefs for your highest healing potential. Janelle has 12 years of experience in working with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), developmental trauma, relationship trauma, depression and anxiety.    

Janelle strives to embody anti-oppressive ways of being and encourages this work with her clients. She brings a social justice framework to promote the healing of marginalized communities from internalized homophobia and transphobia, generational and epigenetic trauma. 

She also maintains a private practice where she offers trauma therapy Intensives for clients using Brainspotting and other healing practices. Janelle also offers Consultation to therapists getting Certified in Brainspotting. She is passionate about Relationship/Couples therapy as well as Peak Performance Coaching for athletes and high-level business professional. Janelle coaches many people who identify as high vibe individuals, love the “woo woo”, working to become supernatural or be the placebo in their own lives.  

In her personal life, Janelle engages in self-growth meditation retreats. Janelle says yes to travel as often as she can, traveling off the beaten path. Janelle can often be found near water, and is particularly drawn to whale watching, snorkeling, SUP or exploring a coastline. She loves outdoor concert venues often attending EDM and reggae-rock music events. She believes her role as cat mother is a way of life, often carrying her cats in a baby sling. Janelle is a two-time cancer survivor/thriver and does not wait till the weekend to live life.  

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