Group Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Group Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

In an effort to tap into the communal healing potential of psychedelics, we are expanding our delivery of group psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at IIT. Below we outline some of the groups in development and give you a general overview of the process.


Check out our article/press release HERE for more information about our philosophy around group psychedelic therapy, as well as an overview of our experiences with groups so far.


To Note: Currently, Ketamine is the only psychedelic substance allowed for clinical use in Minnesota. IIT is laying the foundation to provide MDMA and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy as soon as these are legal in a clinical setting in Minnesota. MDMA is about 2 years away from approval, and psilocybin is likely 3-5 years out. We are not sure if or when these psychedelics will be allowed for use in couples or group settings. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more.


Types of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Groups at IIT

 IIT offers 2 “types” of group psychedelic-therapy, which consist of 2-4 participants:

1.   Groups that involve people who know each other personally, which may include:

a.    Partners/couples

b.    Family systems (adults only)

c.    Friend groups/chosen families


Groups based on personal connections are arranged by request. If you are interested in setting up a personal psychedelic-therapy group, please contact us directly for a phone consultation with our team. We exercise discretion in creating groups, and upon request, will consult as a treatment team to determine if such a group is safe and appropriate.


2.    Groups that involve people who are united by shared, lived experiences. Currently, IIT is taking referrals for the following lived experience groups:

Grief and Loss KAP Groups are focused on exploring, processing and expressing grief associated with significant loss and death. Culturally, we do not have an adequate framework for navigating death, loss and tragedy, and this group aims to develop a communal ritual for honoring our own emotions, reactions and experiences as well as the lives of those we have lost. We hope that the communal setting allows for members to feel validated and most importantly, not alone in their grief.

Reclamation KAP Groups are an opportunity for folks who have experienced religious trauma and/or spiritual abuse to engage in a corrective community experience as we seek to reclaim new affirming narratives while also exploring deeper connection with intuition, inner healing intelligence, and self.  

Queer Expansion KAP Groups are an opportunity for folks who are navigating an intersection of queer identity development.  We welcome folks navigating any spectrum of sexual or gender expression and especially seek to hold space for those who have been harmed by both communal and socialized homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc. as well as internalized toxic narratives about sexual and gender expression. 

Men’s Existential Anxiety KAP Groups are aimed at supporting men who experience struggles related to identity and meaning in a time of existential crisis. Our understanding of masculinity has shifted drastically, and we are left with little roadmap for navigating what it means to “be a man”. This group offers up a chance for men to process their feelings in a shared space- to shed some of the societal expectations, and redefine oneself according to core values, virtues and aspirations.


 The Group Process


Prior to beginning the process, all members must complete a mental health evaluation with a therapist, and medical exam with our physician Dr. Doss. Following the assessment, our treatment team will determine if the participant is a good candidate for KAP.



KAP group prep consists of 2-3 individual therapy sessions and one 2-hour prep session with the entire group.


When needed, participants may receive additional 1-on-1 preparation and integration sessions with the primary therapist.


For more information on preparation, check out this article HERE.


Treatment Session

All participants will gather in our group room for their shared experience, which will be facilitated by the group therapist, support therapist and physician, Dr. Doss. Details about the treatment session will be reviewed during the informed consent and group preparation session.



KAP group integration consists of one 2-hour integration session with the entire group, and 2-3 individual integration sessions.

When needed, participants may receive additional 1-on-1 preparation and integration sessions with the primary therapist.


To learn more about integration, check out this article HERE.


If you are interested in participating in a group, please contact us directly to consult with our team. You can complete a referral form on our Get Started Page here or call us at 651-280-8774



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