Grief and Loss Therapy

Psychotherapy that focuses on supporting you through personal tragedy and loss. This may help with someone who’s recently lost a loved one, in finding connection, meaning and compassion in their grieving process. This may also be useful for someone confronting their own mortality and struggling with anxiety, distress or meaninglessness that often comes with those big existential questions.

Who can benefit from Grief and Loss Therapy?

People who:

- have recently lost a loved one to illness and death
- are experiencing a terminal illness or otherwise confronting their own mortality
- have experienced significant loss in relationships, and connection to others (relationships ending, divorce, etc.)
- are experiencing existential distress in general and needing support in grieving (loss of identity, of meaning, of purpose, etc.)

Everyone grieves differently, and we tailor our approach to grief in a way that fits for you. There are no right or wrong ways to go about it, but having some support, containment and counsel along the way can certainly be helpful.

Our approach takes into consideration the multiple aspects of a person’s life, and we explore the biological, psychological, social & spiritual dimensions of an individual in supporting their grieving process and identifying the best course of action for each person. Death is a part of all life, and something that we too often avoid or minimize. Having a healthy relationship with this shared human experience is vital to living a fully engaged life.

Modalities provided at IIT

We integrate ideas, concepts and practices from a variety of psychological, philosophical, scientific and art-based schools of thought, and deliver our support in a way that resonates with your language and your understanding.