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draws expertise from many schools of psychology, medicine, and philosophy, as well as many cultural and spiritual traditions, in order to provide people with the best available tools for healing the mind.
One of the newest and most exciting of these tools is also one of the oldest. Psychedelics have been used for thousands of years by people all around the world looking to heal, to explore their minds, to foster empathy within their community, and to reconnect with nature.
Today, with a mounting mental health crisis, it’s more important than ever to ground to a deeper sense of purpose. That’s why IIT takes a meaning-centered approach to healing, helping people to reconnect with themselves, with each other, and with what’s most important to them.

IIT's approach

to healing the mind carefully balances many relationships that make up who we are and who we serve.

The following represents our philosophy of care and our ongoing commitment to treating root causes rather than symptoms

Mind + Body

Because mind and body are so fundamentally connected, we've chosen an interdisciplinary approach to mental health that partners wellness practitioners with therapists.

Nature + Technology

We strive to balance the wisdom of the natural world with new technological advancement, progressing the field of Psychedelic Therapy while rooting it in the ancient understands that started it.

Creativity + Skill

Creativity without skill is nothing. Skill without creativity is nothing. We strive to cultivate skill within our creativity, and creativity within our skill. Providing people with both expertise and inspiration in their care.

Therapist + Client

At IIT, the client is a collaborator in their treatment. The therapist is there to guide and inspire creative potential, ultimately leading to a person to a deeper connection to themselves and their patterns.

Psychedelics + Psychotherapy

Psychedelics open a person to the potential of therapy, and therapy opens a person to the potential of psychedelics. We practice both with a dedication to their power to enhance each other.

Individual + Community

The health of a single person impacts community health. Community health impacts the health of a single person. So we strive to take in cultural and community context when treating individuals.