Réka Kerlin, MA, LPCC

Réka Kerlin is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 12 years of experience in mental health.  Réka was born in Budapest, Hungary and completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Boston, Massachusetts. Réka first got interested in trauma research and treatment as a teenager, after having read and feeling deeply impacted by the book “Trauma and Recovery” by Judith Herman . While in Hungary, she has done work with traumatized children and families and participated in several research projects surrounding trauma, including but not limited to a study examining how trauma affects attachment styles and sleep patterns, and examining family dynamics in the context of Rorschach testing. After completing her undergraduate degree, she has worked as a clinical research coordinator on a large multisite study at Harvard Medical School, that looked at the connection between trauma, biological, genetic and psychological markers and the first onset and prognosis of psychosis. It is during that time  that - as part of her job duties - Réka attended a talk at Harvard by a visiting scientist, and first heard about the enormous healing potentials of psychedelics. She has been eagerly following the research since, for over a decade now.

After her research job, Réka spent several years working in community mental health, with a highly traumatized, low income, racially diverse client population struggling with severe mental illness and addiction. Réka was fortunate to work in a setting that took a trauma informed approach and put a large emphasis on ongoing trauma training and evidence based methods.

Réka currently works in private practice. Some of her favorite modalities of trauma treatment include internal family systems, dialectical behavior therapy and elements of existential and Jungian approaches.

Réka’s lifelong passion has been combining her love of neuroscience with her excitement for personal growth and healing. She is thrilled about incredible potential psychedelics have in treating PTSD and other mental health conditions.


The Institute for Integrative Therapies is dedicated to the advancement of psychedelics in the field of mental health. Our mission is to promote the development, knowledge and use of psychedelic therapy for the cultivation of meaning, wholeness and psychological healing. We provide psychedelic therapy at our clinic in Minnesota, and believe that healed individuals can change society.


Across time, geography, and culture, people have accessed non-ordinary states of consciousness to heal the mind, inspire new habits and excite transformative experiences. Our modern disconnect from these states plays no small part in our mounting mental health crisis. To address this, IIT takes a meaning-centered approach to healing, using evidence-based psychedelic medicine and compassion-focused talk therapy to help people explore their minds, cultivate self-compassion and reconnect to deep sources of purpose. We cannot undo the pain of the past, but we can change what it means for us to be here, now.

Our Philosophy manifests itself in three key efforts:


To promote the knowledge and use of psychedelic therapy for achieving recovery, wholeness and psychological well being.


To use psychedelic therapy to help individuals develop resiliency, deepen their sense of purpose and social connectedness


To change the narrative around non-ordinary states of consciousness through the development of ethical & evidence-based therapy


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Psychedelics have played a crucial role in the history of humanity. We think they have an even bigger part to play in our future. That’s why IIT is committed to offering Ketamine, pscilocybin, MDMA, and other medicines as they are legalized for use in therapy- to give you the tools you need to explore your mind, and connect to inner sources of healing.
Individual healing can
change society.

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